PUBLICATION         (National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts Herald)


Date              1 Dec 2019

On behalf of the administrative of the pubpapers publishing house, ( which works as academic institute in editing and publishing academic researches, we make a contract with Valery Shulgina and Denysyuk Zhanna as the editorial of the “National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts Herald” journal, for publication of the research papers in the their WOS-Emerging indexed journals. As our commitment to prepare the papers and make a payment of the publication fee to the Valery Shulgina and Denysyuk Zhanna as the editors of the journal, we have sent the papers and payments of 400 papers to them, but based on the agreement they have not indexed the papers in WOS and just online the papers in the fake website not original one.

According to the academic process, they must publish in WOS indexed journal, based on our agreement and their commitment. But after onlining the papers they ignore to index the paeprs, which is not professional and academic way. This kind of behavior is such a fraud that can make a lot of problem for their academic resume and their related universities reputation.

We tried to solve this problem with university assistance in a logic manner by indexing our papers or refunding the publication fees. We don’t want to expand and inform their action in academic areas such as scopus, wos, in global black list authors, publons, linkden, researchgate, and also to all our agents to do the needful

But if they don’t want to do their commitment, we considered it as a fraud and ethical issues, which will be send as an official complaint against them through official routes and report of the all persons which are participants in this ethical academic issue to all related sources, including:



  1. National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts Herald
  1. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Ukraine, (to stop such a kind person activity in the academic environment as the student or even the professor)
  1. All journals that these persons have published papers to be retracted (exact report of the authors published works and their history in scopus)
  2. Reporting their papers as retraced as the ethical and plagiarism ones in the journal and sending the report to Scopus and WOS

 Reporting their work as the black list authors to the and their coauthors in all the journals, to put the authors and their affiliation in the blacklist (


They should refund the money or index the papers without any delay by 15th December 2019, if we don’t receive any action from your side we do our known and specific rule to stop such an activist in the academic environment and universities.

We have recorded all of the records from the authors and their candidate confirmation and request in journal system, their email and the payments documents. They will be attached to the reports and will be send for official action against such a frauds.

All editorial board and their candidate will be in charge of the upcoming issues for their colleges and universities reputation and we will surely follow up strictly to report the all activities.


P.S: List of the editorial board and their affiliation

Editor in Chief:        Doctor of Arts, Professor (Ukraine)

Valery Shulgina

Deputy editor:       Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)

Sergiy Lytvyn

Executive Secretary:   Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)

Irina Wilczynskа